18 January 2008

Green Skeptic Will Be Quiet for a Few Days...

...knee surgery. Torn medial meniscus.

Wish me luck and I'll be back on my feet again before First Solar climbs back above 200. I don't know which hurts more, my knee or the solar slump!

I'm convinced the knee is proof there's no such thing as "Intelligent Design." Really.

Anyway, see you back here soon. (I hope.)


Alison said...

Happy recovery!

Anonymous said...

you don't even know me, but good luck with um...healing.

The Green Skeptic said...

Thanks, everybody for your good wishes. Surgery went well and recovery proceeds apace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Skeptic

Ask questions why this specific knee is giving problems, as in the Jewish Mistisism every part in your body mean something.
But I got onto your site tonight because you said what we need is a vision. I have asked questions and got ava414godswindow.blat.co.za
THis is after a lot of pages that got written. I understand my path - not to such extend that I know what awaits me, but I know why I am here and why I did not die being shot on duty while in the Police.