27 January 2008

Global Climate Change: Google's Conversation with Thomas Friedman

Google's Larry, Sergei, and Curly, er, Larry B on climate change in conversation with Thomas Friedman. Amazing that the poverty and climate change agendas are coming together; something we've written about at length on The Green Skeptic.

Connect these conversations with Gates's "Creative Capitalism" and Muhammad Yunus's call for social business and perhaps we can get a new triple bottom line: new energy jobs, poverty elimination, and lessen the impacts of global warming.

You've got to applaud the hubris of the Google guys -- and hubris is what it's going to take to push progress. Push on!

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Anonymous said...

If giant company like Google is interested in combating climate change, yes, more jobs and technology innovation could be created. Because the poor are likely to receive the adverse impacts of climate change, things need to be done to help them.