04 May 2007

Social Entrepreneurs: Youth Venture-That Was Easy Winner

Pardon me while I catch up on a few things that I missed while I was traveling last week. I reported last month on the Youth Venture/Staples "That Was Easy" Competition, co-sponsored by Changemakers and Staples. Changemakers recently announced the Grand Prize Winner, as well as several finalists.

Youth Together, a volunteer youth service organization is the competition's Grand Prize Winner. Youth Together's goal is to engage young people in community service to help abused, homeless and ill children. Youth Together is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works with elementary and middle school student councils, Students Thinking of People and Peer Assistance and Leadership programs to help homeless, abused, and critically ill children as well as homeless animals and the Dallas Zoo.

The "That Was Easy" Competition: Showcasing Youth Ventures that are using skills and passions to create a positive impact in society. The prizes include a $1,000 grant for the winning venture, special celebration, and consulting opportunity at Staples Headquarters, and $5,000 Staples shopping spree.

To Learn more about Youth Together and view the other finalists, click here: That Was Easy. (And go ahead, say it; you know you want to.)


Kyle Taylor said...

Such a great program! I actually work for Youth Venture on the global launch of our programs. I definitely think you'd be interested in the world tour I begin friday. You can get all the info at www.genv.net. Great blog, btw.

Kyle Freas said...

Thank you so much for empowering the youth of today by providing the Changemakers “That Was Easy” contest. So often youth are stereotyped as bad and it is due to you, that we can work together to change that stereotype one step at a time. In the end, it is the generation before that youth looks up to and it is you that have been the change makers for a new generation. Because you have taken steps to motivate the youth of today to believe in themselves, you have provided an opportunity for more youth to become involved in changing their lives as well as sharing that feeling with others. I am sure that all the teams want to share their thanks for the opportunities that you have provided us through this program. Thanks to Youth Venture and Staples!!

Unknown said...

Youth Venture has been nominated for the MySpace Impact Awards! You're right - Youth Venture IS an awesome organization that is very innovative in it's approach to changing the world. You can support Youth Venture now by voting in the MySpace Impact Awards! I work for Youth Venture and can't tell you how helpful it would be for us to win this award - a great opportunity to reach out to many more young people around the world.

VOTE NOW at www.myspace.com/impactawards. You can vote every day from now through this Friday, May 25th! So vote for Youth Venture and spread the word to your friends to vote too!