14 May 2007

Global Climate Change: Will They Say, "I Told You So"?

With all the buzz about companies like Yahoo!, Citigroup, IBM and even Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. jumping on the bandwagon in support of tackling climate change, it seems we may just be able to make a dent in the inevitable.

And this week, Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg convene a group of the world's mayors and governors to swap ideas about how to address climate change. The gathering, known as the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit, is the second of its kind; the first, held in London in 2005, brough together reps from 18 cities. As many as 30 will gather in New York this week.

A question occured to me while working in my garden yesterday afternoon: if we succeed in addressing the most egregious effects of climate change, will today's naysayers say, "See, we told you global warming was a hoax. They said the sky was falling and it didn't..."?

And who cares if they do?

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Anonymous said...

Even if all the "green" legislation was to pass that was ever thought of, and ever country sighned a Kyoto type treaty, nobody will know for sure if it works being it's going to take thousands of years to reverse. My reasoning? Go to below : http://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/temperature_and_co2_concentration_in_the_atmosphere_over_the_past_400_000_years