30 May 2007

Global Climate Change: Nature.com Featuring Climate Change Forum

In May 2007, nature.com is launching a news website dedicated to providing thorough investigative reporting on global climate change. Nature Reports: Climate Change will be a one stop-shop for in-depth news, features, opinions, commentary and analysis.

As the latest addition to the Nature Reports series (which includes Avian Flu and Stem Cells), Nature Reports: Climate Change will explore 'the news behind the science and the science behind the news' of important areas of scientific research. This resource hub on global warming will cover the science of climate change through reviews, research highlights and features, as well as casting a wider net to cover the larger implications of climate change for policy, society, and the economy.

A key feature will be its interaction with the wider community, initiating dialogue, debate and discussion through regular blogs and podcasts.

Here, are links to nature.com's existing resources on climate change: news@nature.com's climate change in focus, Nature's web focuses on climate change topics, and news@nature.com's special on regional climate change.

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alvinwriter said...

Hi. I'm writing in from TheScienceDesk at TheNewsRoom. I'm glad to hear of this development. It would help to bring constructive discussion on global warming and see what people think about it. Everyone has an opinion, after all and it's a good way to deliver news on the subject that would otherwise remain unread.

We have a group of users interested in global warming who have already found great news on the subject which they have used in their sites, like this one: http://www.thenewsroom.com/details/564980?c_id=wom-bc-ar

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- Alvin from TheScienceDesk at TheNewsRoom.com