14 January 2011

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 01/14/11

Okay folks, the picture at right has nothing whatsoever to do with cleantech, the environment, or green...well, unless you count the Jets colors. 

As my readers and Twitter-followers know, I am a lifelong New England Patriots fan, from the time they were the Boston Patriots.  (The famous Patriots place kicker, John Smith, of the "Snowplow Game" was a substitute teacher in my elementary school. Nice guy.)  Anyway, go Pats!

Here are my links for this week:

Home energy upgrader Mark Group Wins $1.7M Contract with PGW.

Global investment in green energy hit record in 2010, according to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

On electric vehicles:

Martin LaMonica of CNET's Green Tech blog, pointed us to this old study from NRDC about the emissions reductions of hybrid vs. plug-in cars. "Hybrids are clutcher than you think," said Martin: Plug-in (PDF),

Treehugger featured an interesting comparison of the life cycle environmental costs of combustion and electric vehicles: EV vs CO2,

and Mercedes-Benz Unveils its Electric Supercar at Detroit Auto Show.  I hope they have it in Philly in Feb!

Our pal Gregor MacDonald pointed out that new governors in Ohio and Wisconsin are "killing rail and building highways. Because driving cars on government roads with imported oil = freedom."

Meanwhile, my pal Wes at the American Partnership blog wrote about "The 112 Congress, Federalism and Transportation Policy"  

On the China-US relations front, three important posts:

Dance of US-Chinese 'Mutual Dependence' Moves from Wall Street to Main Street.

US Must Cut $100 Billion from Defense to Compete with China on Clean Energy. 

China’s Green Ambition, US Sees Red.

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Have a great weekend and Go Pats! (No offenths Jets fans...)

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