07 January 2011

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 01/07/11

Hockey in 1901.
A new year and some of the same old arguments and debates.  Will this be the year we break the logjam and get the new green economy running in the US?

Here are my links for the first week of the new year:

The Breakthrough Institute's Shellenberger and Nordhaus on Why Climate Science Divides Us But Energy Technology Unites Us

The new Chair of the House Science and Technology Committee, Texas Republican Representative Ralph Hall is not a climate skeptic.  He believes it is happening but wants to Probe 'Quality' of Climate Science

In a curious twist, the Sierra Club is suing to stop a landmark solar development: Whose Side Are They On?

Meanwhile, China's Goldwind wins wind energy order of 76.5 MW in Ethiopia: Goldwind.

and Arch, Peabody seek coal exporting deals to Asia. 

Ciris Energy raised $24 million to biochemically convert coal to methane at large scale and low cost: Serious about Ciris,

and battery company Ener1 Completes $25 Million Capital Raise, while

CleanTechies blog speculates that Electric Vehicles are in for Remarkable Ride in 2011.

And, finally, Paul Kedrosky talks about the "Webification" of Energy in Harvard Business Review's HBR Agenda 2011.

Have a great weekend everybody.