30 July 2010

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 07/30/10

Calvin on the Beach @ OKI.
A vacation edition of The Green Skeptic's Friday links.

I've been on the North Carolina coast this week and haven't been paying close attention to the web and Twitterstreams, but here are a few things from some of my pals that caught my eye from the beach:

Two posts from Julian Wong of The Green Leap Forward about the "battle" between China and the US for the leadership position in cleantech: US Clean Energy Investment at Home Is Best Response to China and Julian's testimony before the US-China Commission: Of Solar Tech and Chicken McNuggets.

Chris Nelder published "Beyond Carbon Legislation: Energy Transition," in the wake of the US Senate Climate Bill being declared DOA.

Gregor MacDonald pointed us to Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute's 2000 predictions about coal consumption trends, evolution in the auto industry, and future world oil production Optimism, harsh realism, and blind spots—10 years later.

Gregor also had this to say about California as the Governator declared a state of fiscal emergency for the state: Collapse is a Process.

Finally, CleanTechies posted "A Price for the Volt, But None for Carbon.

Have a great weekend. I'm back from vacation next week.

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