09 July 2010

Friday Green Skeptic Linkfest

Friday again? Where did this week go? Here are your Friday Green Skeptic Links of Interest for 07/09/10:

Katie Fehrenbacher reports on how Smart Meters are A Fraction of the Smart Grid Market in Earth2Tech: Smart Meters.

Sequoia and Foundation Capital invest $12.5 Million in Smart Grid Software Company @emeter

Green Skeptic favorite Cree & Philips sign comprehensive LED patent cross-licensing agreement to help accelerate growth of LED lighting: $CREE  (Disclosure: I am long CREE.)

Cleantech VC Rob Day warns that cleantech venture capital remains tepid, not hot in Cleantech Investing.

A New Report from the IEA says $46 Trillion more investment is needed for Cleantech by 2050: IEA

Jon Karlen of Flybridge Capital posted this reaction to Vinod Khosla's WSJ interview about Capital Efficency in Cleantech: Venturing Forth and here's a link to the WSJ piece (via my friends at FoxBusiness): Khosla on Cleantech

A solar-powered plane few for 26 hours, including at night, and set new records from Yale e360.

Greentech Media had fun with "Ten [Cleantech] Power Point Slides That Shook the Earth." (See One Cubic Mile of Oil image above.)

And speaking of slides, I took up "The Six Slide Challenge" offered by Fred Wilson on AVC.com and, more specifically, Andy Swan's outline in comments on that post. Here's what I can up with for my consulting and advisory firm VerdeStrategy

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