20 February 2009

Don't Get Depressed, Get Creative

The market sucks. And all the government intervention in the world isn't going to help. People are moving into cash and holding onto it more than ever. We could see 10 percent unemployment by the end of the year, if not sooner or worse.

More and more billionaires are turning out to be crooks and once stalwart companies and even our own government is stealing our money.

Time to slit your wrist, jump under a train, or off a rooftop, right? F***-it. That's never done anybody any good. Suicide is for losers or, as the recent string of financial suicides has shown, for people who don't know how to create anything but false value and a lavish lifestyle for themselves. (My apologies to their families, who have certainly suffered as a result. I'm sorry for your loss.)

At times like these the only thing to do is to get creative. Start making things, something, anything. Make something out of yourself. Create your own path, your own existence.

What hidden talents do you have? What interests do you have that you never had time to explore? What value can you create for the world? What can you build that will be best positioned for a sustainable future?

Only the creative will survive this economic mess. What are you waiting for? Start creating.

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