23 January 2009

Shari Shapiro On Why Change Has Already Come to Washington

My friend Shari Shapiro, one of the smartest green people I know in the legal community, has an excellent new post up on GreenerBuildings.com (the post originally appeared on her own blog Green Building Law).

Here is the opening paragraph:

Long the city of high crime, poverty and neglect by the federal government which calls it home, Washington D.C. has passed some of the most progressive sustainability regulations in the country since 2006. For example in December 2006, Washington mandated, among other things, that private buildings 50,000 square feet or larger have to submit a checklist of green features by 2009, and meet LEED NC 2.2 standards by 2012. In addition to green building regulations, Washington has enacted comprehensive sustainability legislation, including a Clean and Affordable Energy Act, a Green Summer Jobs bill, a Climate Initiative and stormwater and water quality regulations.

And a link to the full article: Change Has Already Come

Shari also had a great critique of the Obama Stimulus Package earlier this week: Shortchanging the Environment.

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