20 January 2009

Congratulations, Mr. Obama. Now Let's Get to Work

I'm not an Obamaniac. I am hopeful about the prospect of our new president, but I get nervous about all the messianic talk surrounding Mr. Obama during and since the election.

(He can't save us alone.)

Today, I am ever proud to be an American. For what electing Mr. Obama says about ourselves, our values, our country, and our ability to be forward thinking, to reinvent America.

And I am hopeful that in reinventing America we can get the new green economy kick-started under Mr. Obama's leadership.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago on this blog, "I hope Mr. Obama isn't setting himself up for failure by trying to bring a compromise to the table before the table has been set or by biting off more than he can chew before dinner is served." The coming weeks will tell.

Tonight, I offer our new president my congratulations and admiration. I continue to be impressed with how he brings people together -- conservatives and liberals alike.

Tomorrow, however, is the time to begin turning all the talk into action. So that one day we can say "Yes, We Did...when it mattered most."

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