29 June 2007

Global Climate Change: Flannery's 10 True Climate Predictions

Tim Flannery, author of The Weather Makers, stirred up some controversy earlier this week when he created a list of "ten predictions made by climate scientists that have come true (or are becoming true)" in The Times (of London):

1) That the Earth would warm as more CO2 was put into the atmosphere (Svante Arrhenius in 1893).

2) That we'd begin to see noticable changes to Earth's climate by around 2000 (some IPCC scientists).

3) That sea-level would start rising.

4) That Earth's Ice would start melting rapidly (James Hanson).

5) That hurricanes would increase in intensity (this one goes back to Alfred Russel Wallace in 1900).

6) That species would start going extinct as a result of climate change.

7) That Australia would start drying out (Hadley Centre scientists).

8) That tropical diseases would increase.

9) That food crops would be adversely affected.

10) That the CO2 would begin to acidify the ocean.

See the complete article, including links to original source material, more lists, and rebuttals: Flannery in Times Online

1 comment:

COSMOS said...

Nice ex-post statements. What about the unaccomplished predictions of global warming? Like Antartica and Greenland diminishing their ice caps, or the satellite data that indicates no major warming since 1979 and others....