18 June 2007

Global Climate Change: Summer "Warms" to Movies with Arctic Tale

There's a new movie coming out later this summer from the makers of "March of the Penguins." It's a live action "dramacumentary" called "Arctic Tale," narrated by Queen Latifah (really) and featuring polar bears and walrus rather than penguins. It just could be the sleeper film of the year.

Apparently, the Arctic setting for the film, which shows main characters Nanu and Seela facing life-and-death challenges, was affected by global warming during the filming, which led to the movie's theme of struggle in the face of climate changes, according to Adam Ravetch, who directed the film with his wife, Sarah Robertson.

"There was a time where we were discussing, should we address climate change or shouldn't we, and we felt a responsibility," Ravetch said at the world premiere of the film at the Silverdocs documentary film festival outside Washington. The movie opens commercially July 25 in Los Angeles and New York, and nationally in August.

Polar bears have become a sort of cause celebre in anti-global warming circles, especially after news reports last year that bears were seen swimming in circles 60 miles off-shore in a behaviour forced upon them by melting ice. The threat of Arctic ice melting reduces the feeding grounds and season for polar bears.

Robertson calls "Arctic Tale" a new genre of nature film, in which global problems are given a face -- Seela, the walrus, and Nanu, the polar bear, who are often cast in human terms and shown close up. Um, sounds like anthropomorphism to me; but my 11-year-old son says it's a must see for summer.

(By the way, the walrus turns 65 today: Happy Birthday Paul!)

Watch the trailer: Arctic Tale

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