12 June 2006

Climate Change: What Price Carbon Emissions?

From GreenBiz.com this morning:
What price carbon emissions? Seems that companies of all types are now wrestling with that question -- and deciding that it’s in their best interests to reduce, trade, or offset their emissions rather than fall back on business as usual. For starters, the financial powerhouse World Bank Group announced last week it was going carbon-neutral, offsetting its emissions from travel and commuting. Over in the entertainment sector, Berkeley’s Greek Theatre became the first major concert venue to offset emissions from an entire season’s worth of concerts. And as you’ll see in this week’s feature, Japanese shipper Sagawa Express is taking an impressive lead in greening the transportation sector, one truck at a time.

So what’s in it for you? The World Resource Institute’s just-released Carbon Value Analysis Tool can help you quantify the financial benefits of reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

For more on the business case for climate management, visit ClimateBiz.com.

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