14 June 2006

Climate Change: Pew Report on State Renewable Portfolios

A growing portion of U.S. states' electricity is being provided by renewable energy, according to a report released today by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. States are using increasingly aggressive and ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in order to spur economic development and create a reliable and diversified supply of electricity, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conventional pollutants.

The Pew Center report, "Race To The Top: The Expanding Role of U.S. State Renewable Portfolio Standards", authored by Barry Rabe of the University of Michigan, builds on earlier Pew Center analyses of the state role in climate policy development. In addition to examining challenges and opportunities inherent in policy design and implementation, the report includes case studies of five states - Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

Read the press release:
Pew Center Release

Read the report:
Pew Center Report

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