02 June 2006

Climate Change: Even USA Today Gets in the Act

Climate Change continues to surface in the mainstream media this week. Today's USA Today has a feature on celebrities involved in climate change, including our friend Laurie David, the doyenne of global warming, and Al Gore, who invented global warming, er, well, who started this media blitz with his conniving truth slide show. Some of the celebs "uncovered" in the face of global warming:

Brad Pitt will narrate Design: e2, a series about environmentally friendly architecture. The series is scheduled to air in June on PBS.

• Keanu Reeves and singer Alanis Morrissette narrate The Great Warming, a climate documentary that had its U.S. premiere in April.

• On his website, Leonardo DiCaprio narrates a short global-warming primer. The actor is working on his own environmental documentary, called 11th Hour, according to the site.

• Oscar winner Joanne Woodward, a longtime supporter of The Nature Conservancy, spoke out on Earth Day, calling for action.

But even better, is the timeline to "See how the Earth's surface temperature has changed over the past 2,000 years; as well as "A Look Ahead: The USA in 2100," an interactive map that shows temps, rain and snowfall, changes to frost days, and a heat index. There’s also a fairly innocuous quiz that tests your knowledge about global warming.

Check it out: USA Today Climate Change Coverage

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