23 June 2006

Climate Change: International Energy Agency Warns of Emissions

According to a report in Reuters/Planet Ark, "Emissions of climate-changing carbon dioxide could more than double by 2050 if unchecked, the International Energy Agency (IEA)warned on Thursday, ahead of an energy-focussed meeting of G8 world leaders in July."

The Paris-based IEA, adviser to 26 industrialised nations, said in a report that it was possible for the world to emit less carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2050 than today while also increasing energy production.
But it warned that in the absence of new policies, global energy demand and CO2 emissions would more than double by 2050 to 58,000 billion tonnes. "We can find a sustainable energy future but it's not the case with the current trends. We're very far from that," IEA executive director Claude Mandil told a news conference.

The report, that draws different scenarios to 2050, is part of the Agency's response to the call from G8 leaders at the Geneagles summit in July 2005 for the IEA to advise on scenarios and strategies aimed at a clean and competitive future.

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