27 June 2006

Climate Change: Supreme Court to Rule on Auto Emissions

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said Monday it would decide whether a dozen states, three cities and a number of environmental groups can force the US government to regulate car and truck emissions that contribute to global warming, according to Reuters/Planet Ark news service:

In one of the most important environmental cases in decades, the justices agreed to review an appeals court ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency does not have to regulate the vehicle emissions blamed by most scientists for climate change.
The EPA said in 2003 that global warming has risks but it could not regulate greenhouse gas emissions because Congress had not granted it authority to do so under the Clean Air Act.

In their appeal, the states, cities and green groups said the issues raised by the case merited Supreme Court review and go to the heart of the EPA's legal responsibilities "to address the most pressing environmental challenge of our time."

They argued that the head of the EPA does have the authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other air pollutants associated with climate change.

Read the full article: Supreme Emissions.

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