27 May 2011

Nissan Leaf Tries to Jolt Sales vs. Chevy Volt with TV Ad

Nissan Leaf is losing ground to its hybrid competitor the Chevy Volt. In fact, some report that Volt has been kicking Leaf's butt -- or at least blowing Leafs off of the lawn?

So Nissan has decided to take on Volt the old-fashioned way: with a TV spot that CNET featured this morning and that will air on June 12 during the NBA Finals.

Imagine a world where all our appliances are gas-powered and you've got the world Nissan wants us to think we live in.

The ad is funny, inventive, even a little steampunk. 

While it's message is delivered in a tongue in cheek manner, it is also a little disingenuous.  Most of your all-electric Leaf mileage will be powered by dirty coal.

Nevertheless, its a spot that will no doubt have people talking, much like last year's Polar Bear ad.

Here is the 60-second version:

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