05 May 2011

Why You Need a Brad Marchand In Your Company

Marchand Takes Ville Leino Into the Boards.
Brad Marchand is a pest.

Watching the Bruins-Flyers Playoff Game last night I couldn't help focusing on the scrappy little forward in black and gold.

Thirty seconds into the game, Marchand banked a shot off the boards behind the Flyers net that Zdeno Chara cranked from the left circle over the shoulder of goalie Brian Boucher.

Then Marchand was crashing into players along the boards, some with 3-4-5 inches on him. Like a mosquito he buzzed around, bothering any Flyers who got near the puck.

"It was one of those games I was angry the whole time, and my emotions kind of get the best of me, just running around trying to kill guys," Marchand said.

Marchand is an agitator, stirring and shaking things up on the ice.  Annoying his opponents.  Sometimes he got knocked down; sometimes he knocked the big guys down. 

I counted seven hits, most of which left Flyers on the ice.  He was a little erratic at times, but totally focused on helping the Bruins win.

Agitators are good for companies and organizations.  They aren't always appreciated.  Without them, however, organizations can be stagnant and stuck. 

Who are the agitators in your company?  Do you recognize or appreciate what they are doing and why?  How can you use their energy to advance your cause or company's goals?

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