07 March 2011

An Economist Offers "Some Hard Truths About Energy"

Peter Treadway, a principal at the consulting and investment management firm Historical Analytics LLC and Chief Economist at CT RISKS, has a guest post on Barry Ritholz's The Big Picture blog.

Treadway lists "Some Hard Truths About Energy" (some of which will be familiar to Green Skeptic readers).

It's worth reading the whole piece (go here), but here are the points in list form:

1. Energy independence, a.k.a., energy autarky, is an impossible and undesirable dream.

2. A major objective of US (and all importing nations) foreign policy should be to secure reliable energy supplies.

3. The free market—not the government – should be making the choice among various energy sources.

4. Domestic conventional sources of energy offer great promise.

5. So called-green energy alternatives are not necessarily easier on the environment.

6. Don't worry about peak oil.

7. Increasing energy efficiency results in the use of more energy.

Readers of The Green Skeptic will know that I agree with points 1-4, but 6-7 are a bit problematic -- and 5, well, he's only partly right.

Read his supporting arguments in the full post: Some Hard Truths About Energy.  And then tell me what you think.

Treadway also writes The Dismal Optimist blog.

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