15 January 2010

Green Skeptic on Job Creation: FoxBusiness

I was on FoxBusiness yesterday, talking with Stuart Varney about the green jobs number that has come out from the Obama administration.

There were three points I wanted to make on the subject:

1.) What qualifies as a green job? What counts? We need a clear definition to determine whether the accounting is accurate and the impact is greatest.
2.) Only $5B of the $90B stimulus commitment to clean energy has moved thus far. How can we more efficiently move that capital to put it to work?
3.) Lack of manufacturing base for clean energy in the US calls into question the number and quality of the jobs that will be created here in the US. Will they be just service-oriented? Will that have significant impact on the larger economy?

You can judge for yourself whether I succeeded. Let me know what you think.

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