14 April 2008

Global Philanthropy Forum: My 3 Take-Aways

As I mentioned after the Aspen Environment Forum, someone taught me to leave a conference with 3 Take-Aways; three things you learned, want to remember, and maybe even act on.

Here are my 3 from last week's Global Philanthropy Forum:

1.) We need to change the way we market Africa; to change the perception of Africa by changing the search image. Instead of poverty and backwardness, we should be sharing success stories of Africans helping Africans of which there are a growing number of examples. (Avoid the "broken window syndrome.")

2.) We are not being ambitious enough in attacking poverty and our vision of a world without poverty is not yet big enough. (BRAC's Fazle Abed made some comments that were particularly enlightening in this regard.)

3.) "Climate change takes the oxygen right out of the air," in the words of Google.org's Larry Brilliant. It affects everything and impacts all. We need to rethink how we approach climate change: it's not solely an environmental issue or an issue of reducing carbon emissions. (More on that later.)

I'm sure I will have additional thoughts as I begin my rounds of follow-through from the conference, but these are my 3 Take-Aways from 39,000 feet above the US.

Oh, yeah, and "Watch the Street Hacks!" (Thanks, Jan Chipchase from Nokia)