18 April 2008

Microfinance: The 2008 Penn Microfinance Conference in Philadelphia

The Penn Microfinance Club is hosting the Second Annual Microfinance Conference: Global Assets: Local Access today (Friday, April 18th) at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Speakers include Overstocks CEO Patrick Byrne, Sam Daley-Harris (Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign), Nicola Armacost (founder of Arc Finance), and kiva.org's Matthew Flannery and Premal Shah will be the keynote speakers.

Will try to live blog from the conference or microblog via twitter ("greenskeptic").

(Disclosure: I am on the advisory board of Green Microfinance, LLC, a panelist on "Social Indicators and Sustainability: Environment, Gender, Poverty.")