23 August 2007

Ecosystem Benefits: Brand and Fink Creating Markets for Nature's Services

Next month's Wired Magazine features a piece by David Wolman on efforts by "eco-capitalists" to create new markets for the life-sustaining services provided by Nature. That's right. Call it natural capital, ecosystem services (see my earlier post on that subject), environmental markets, ecological assets, or as my former colleague John Kinch and I coined it, ecosystem benefits. Whatever. These are the services provided by nature free of charge -- or free until now.

In an effort to create viable markets for such services as clean water, storm surge protection, and greenhouse gas build-up, people like David Brand, founder of New Forests Pty Limited, and Priceline.com cofounder Jessie Fink, among others, "are betting that successful trading of carbon will kick-start the creation of other cap-and-trade systems for ecological services like watershed protection, biodiversity, and erosion control."

Read more @ Wired: Eco-Capitalists

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