08 October 2010

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 10/08/10

John & Yoko @ Cafe LaFortuna 1980 (watercolor by SEA)
It's Friday again.  A busy week for me, which has prevented me from posting as much as I'd like.  (But busy is good.)

Here are the links that caught The Green Skeptic's eye this week:

A Great piece on VC Vinod Khosla in The New York Times on using capitalism to help the poor via investments like SKS Microfinance.

Speaking of VCs, one of our favorite VC-bloggers, Fred Wilson, "On takers and makers."  

Two other fav VC-bloggers, Roger Ehrenberg and Alex Taussig, had their posts repubbed in Fortune Magazine's web site: The Rebirth of VC (Really!) and Will Solar in 2011 Look Like Automobiles in 1911?

Speaking of solar, after much debate and a failed attempt to interest President Obama in Jimmy Carter's old solar panels, the White House says it will Go Solar.

More solar fun this week as SunPower initiated corporate carbon footprint reporting:   A first for a solar power company.

One of our favorite cleantech journalists, Yoni Cohen, writes about "The Lessons Veteran [Cleantech] Investors Have Learned."

And finally, from Business Insider, 19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Make You Weep.

Okay, okay, that's just too depressing to stop there, so on a lighter note, here is poet Paul Muldoon's interview in The Economist: Q&A with Paul Muldoon

Have a great weekend. And happy birthday John Lennon (who would have been 70 tomorrow).

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