06 October 2010

Cleantech Jobs Race is Heating Up Globally

If you had to guess which US cities were among the top metropolitan areas for cleantech jobs, what would you say?

Today, Clean Edge, a leading research organization for the sector, released its second annual look at the state of cleantech jobs in the US and globally.

Among the leaders were California's geographic hubs around the Bay Area (1), Los Angeles (2); Greater San Diego (7), and Sacramento (15). No surprises there, really, as California has led the way in investment in renewable energy for some time. The Greater Boston area bumped up to #3, while New York-New Jersey and the Denver area rounded out the top 5.

Clean Edge also examines China's meteoric rise in the cleantech sector and offers the most comprehensive study of media clean-tech job compensation levels.

“China has risen from clean-energy neophyte to global clean-energy powerhouse over the past five years,” says Ron Pernick, cofounder and managing director of Clean Edge.

“China is now home to six of the top 10 global clean-tech pure-play employers, up from just three a year earlier,” Pernick says.  “China has become the country to watch, analyze, and, at times, emulate. Ignoring China’s clean-tech ambitions and activities puts one’s own clean-tech initiatives at great peril.” 

The full report can be downloaded at CleanEdge.com

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