04 March 2009

Omidyar Network Relaunches Itself, Turns ON

Omidyar Network today launched a new brand, including a new logo and website. The web site is much easier to navigate and to find their areas of focus, background and multimedia on their investee organizations and portfolio companies.

Omidyar Network (ON) has been a unique experiment and it is exciting to see the changes that Matt Bannick has instituted since taking over a short time ago. ON, like google.org, seemed to struggle with focus and clarity until recently.

Now, as illustrated by this new site, the focus of ON is clearer. And more good news: innovation is not lost for the sake of that focus. ON is a hybrid investor, taking equity stakes in some ventures as well as providing early stage philanthropic risk capital for social entrepreneurs or Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets.

Some of ON's investments include Ashoka, Unitus, MicroVest, DonorsChoose.org, Common Sense Media, Digg, MeetUp, GlobalGiving, Seesmic, Endeavor, CellBazaar, and WITNESS. (For a full portfolio, click here.)

"The new brand brings our work into sharp focus for the constituencies that we serve," said Matt Bannick, Managing Partner at Omidyar Network. "The logo embodies what we stand for, and the website offers greater insight into how we work and how our investees deliver social impact."

Omidyar Network was started in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam. They say it is dedicated to the idea that every person has the power to make a difference.

I like what the new logo says about turning "on" that power, encouraging people to improve their lives and the lives of others. The logo also, as ON says in its press release, makes reference to the transformative power of technology, which many of ON's investee organizations use to amplify and accelerate their impact.

In addition to in-depth descriptions of each investment area, Omidyar Network's new site features profiles of ON's investee organizations, which helps raise the visibility of those organizations and makes ON's investments more transparent. It also provides a better picture of their overall approach and strategy.

There's also a "VentureLoop" portal for users to search and apply for job opportunities at Omidyar Network portfolio companies, as well as all the financial and investment information a user may need to evaluate ON's investments.

Check it out: Omidyar.com

(Disclosure: The author was formerly VP of Global Development at Ashoka, an Omidyar investee organization. He is not affiliated with either entity at this time.)


Unknown said...

What an amazing company to be a part of. the website is very impressive as well. Bravo for you working to make generational change across the planet!

We work with an organization that's been instrumental in helping developing countries - Uganda being one of them. We currently sponsor 10 thousand children in 6 different developing countries and we're on track to sponsor 1 MILLI0N more by 2013! We've also built 2 hospitals, 15 schools and 4 biogas digesters.

Have a look at our website if you get a chance


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Kenny & Erica Jones

Anonymous said...

I'm confused a bit. Can you invest in Omidyar Network or does it get capital from its partners and institutional investors?

Chris Beanie said...

Go Solar Revolution!

Nice blog, btw.