09 March 2009

Van Goes to Washington? Rumor Has It He'll Be Green Jobs Czar...or Not

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A Tweet over the weekend by Karl Burkart of GreenDig has spread like wildfire on the blogosphere: Van Jones has been confirmed as the nation's first Green Jobs Czar.

greendig: Big news!! An inside source reports Van Jones just confirmed as Obama's Green Czar and will be moving to DC shortly.
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I retweeted Burkart's original Tweet on Saturday and several others did the same to mine (view).

Even Grist.org picked it up: On the Van Wagon

But is it true, just a rumor, or wishful thinking? One of those things that become truth because so many people repeat it over and over?

I noted that almost the ONLY source quoted for almost every reference on Twitter is the same shortened url: http://tinyurl.com/bf6mdf, which points back to the original GreenDig article.

And a scroll down the Twitter Search reveals very little additional information: Search.

In addition, a Google search on the terms "Van Jones" + "Green Czar" this afternoon, also results in very little new information or details from credible sources. Almost every reference refers back the Burkart tweet or his GreenDig article, some even quoting it as an original source!

Not satisfied, I called The White House and they had no information about such an appointment. I have a call and an email into David Falkenstein, of Sunshine, Sachs and Associates, who represents Van Jones' Green for All, as well as an email to Van and to his office. And have pinged Karl to ask him to share his source.

As of 2:30 EDT this afternoon, I have not been able to confirm this appointment. Stay tuned.

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