26 January 2007

Global Climate Change: State of the Union Unwound

Okay, if you're a liberal and you're reading this close your eyes; you may not like what you see. If you're a conservative and you think you're going to trash the green bastard writing this because you don't want anyone to admit there's consensus on climate change; you better hit the BACK button on your browser.

About the President's speech the other night: I liked it. Actually, I thought it was one of his best. Kudos to the speech writer -- despite the trashing he got by an old Bush speech writer -- and to the man delivering it. He didn't stumble, didn't waiver, even seemed to enjoy being up there. (And he hasn't always seemed that way.) If you weren't distracted by Madame Speaker's constant eye-blinking, you couldn't take your eyes off the guy. He was dynamic, bold, and...well, conciliatory.

And did he actually utter the words, "help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change"? (When my ten-year-old son heard that, he started elbowing me, "Did you hear that, he said climate change!")

Oh there have been critics and rebuttals -- from both the left and the right, from environmentalists and conservative pundits. There are others who question his convictions or his proposals on alternative energy and reducing our dependence of foreign oil. Bullocks. Bush basically told his old cronies that change is coming and that they better get on board. Surprised he didn't utter the words new world economy!

As for his plan, well there's stuff to like and stuff to critique: he didn't go far enough on caps; he's going to line the pockets of ethanol producers with subsidies; his fuel efficiency standards don't go far enough; opening NPR won't help much or fast enough; we don't really need energy independence, but an interdependent balance so that rifts don't increase in this volatile arena. Pish. I wonder if he was as surprised reading the speech as we were hearing it that he went as far as he did.

SO, let's watch carefully to see what Bush does with this plan. Will the Dems and greenies recognize the bone he's throwing them and take it up in support? Will he be chastised by his long-time supporters and back down on certain aspects of the proposal? Will he loosen the reigns and level the playing field enough so that others -- the many others -- it will take to transform this country and address global climate change can get in the game?

Only time will tell. For now, thank you Mr. President, for making me glad I kept my son up past his bed time on Tuesday night.

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