03 January 2007

Clean Tech: WSJ's Gomes on Silicon Valley's Embrace of Climate Change

Lee Gomes, writing in today's Wall Street Journal reviews the state of clean tech investments in Silicon Valley.

Gomes opens his article with a quote from Intel, which he jokingly attributes to Al Gore: "Climate change is an important environmental issue. The broad consensus of established scientific experts is that warming can be attributed to human activities. Significant steps are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

He suggests that "Tech companies know they have to make more energy-efficient products if they want to keep selling them." And he points to the fact that "green is relative. As a significant user of energy, computer technology is itself one of the causes of climate change that the industry is concerned about."

Gomes also quotes Andrew Fanara, an EPA official working on Energy Star standards for computer servers, "when engineers look at the energy issue, they se it as another problem that can be overcome...They seem to have an ability to engineer their way out of anything."

Read the full article: Gomes/WSJ

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