17 October 2006

Social Entrepreneurs: Winners in Innovative Affordable Housing Contest

Check out the winners from the Changemakers/Habitat for Humanity "How to Provide Affordable Housing" Competition:

The winners:

(India) Building dignity through sustainable habitat development

(France) The Nubian Vault : Mud roofs for the Sahel

(India) Affordable housing through community-led, women-managed action

Congratulations to all the winners -- and to the finalists:

(Kyrgyzstan) Cane-reed housing technology with cheap heating system...
(Sri Lanka) Bringing the Capital Market Home to the People
(United States) First Step Housing for At Risk Single Adults
(India) Slum Networking - Transforming Settlements from Within
(Philippines) CentroMigrante: A self-sustaining housing model for migrant...
(India) Slums – A bane, boon or a big business
(United States) Manufactured Housing Park Program
(Pakistan) Building community capacity for delivery of construction...
(India) Mass Housing after Disaster as if People Mattered
(Pakistan) Incremental Developmental Housing for low income groups

Read more about it: Changemakers

To view all the entries: Housing

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