24 May 2006

Climate Change: Sea Level Flooding Scenario Maps

Thanks to fellow blogger Coby Beck at A Few Things Ill Considered for pointing out this interesting (I'd say "fun," but that would be really cruel) link for an interactive climate change sea-level rise scenario mapping tool using Google Maps as its base. It shows a range of between 0m and 14m, but be careful, as Beck says, "14m is not the map to generate if you are trying to guess beachfront property to leave your grandchildren, but it may be a plausible science fiction scenario for AD 2400+."

Play around with it here: Flood Maps

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Anonymous said...

Or, it depends. BBC is reporting today that at 400 ppm in 10 years we can expect a rise of 25 up to 40 meters, say, 80 to 130 feet; last time like that was the Miocene @ 450 ppm. Crocodiles were breeding in Maryland then.