12 May 2006

Climate Change: British Firm Quantifies Biofuel Contribution to CO2 Reduction

According to Reuters World Environment News, a British company has quantified for the first time carbon dioxide emission savings made through the sale of biofuels.

Greenergy, which supplies biofuels, claims that more than 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved during the first quarter of 2006.

"The savings, independently assessed by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, are equivalent to taking more than 50,000 family cars off the road for the three month period," says the firm.

"The use of biofuels, rather than fossil fuels, is intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which are believed to contribute to global warming.

The UK "has set a goal that five percent of all motor fuel sold in Britain must come from renewable sources by 2010."

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