26 April 2006

Diversifying Green: GreenGOP - Teddy Roosevelt Would Be Proud

I'm interested in challenging assumptions and asking readers to leave their bias at the door. So, tonight I highlight an innovative thinker who is not afraid to wear his party on his sleeve, reminding us that "Republicans Love the Environment Too." (Think Teddy Roosevelt.)

GreenGOP commented on one of my posts last week and I'm glad he did. In addition to uncovering Green-thinking (and acting) Republicans and other free-market types, such as New York State Governor George Pataki, Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, Goldman Chair Hank Paulson, and Venture Capitalist John Doerr, the GreenGOP has some right (as in correct) thinking about alternative energy and global warming, and reminds us that Green is also the color of money.

Check him out: GreenGOP

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