02 March 2006

Climate Change: Seth Godin on the trouble with "Global Warming"

Marketing guru Seth Godin offers a marketers' perspective on why there's little concern about the climate crisis. His observation? The language is wrong. "Global" is good and so is "warming," so what's to get excited about?

The scientists tell us the increase over the past century has been one degree Fahrenheit. I don't know about you, but I can't tell the difference between 65 and 66 on my home thermostat. So, global warming sounds, quite frankly, cozy.

My readers know I've harped on this before: we need to change the language we use to describe what is both a global and local crisis that is affecting our lives right now.

Read Tim Flannery's excellent new book, The Weather Makers, for a cogent, simple explanation of the science and the potential impacts. Flannery echoes Godin's claims that "global warming" is too warm and fuzzy:
"If scientists were predicting the imminent return of the ice age, I'm certain our response would be more robust. 'Global warming' creates an illusion of a comfortable, warm future that is deeply appealing, for we are an essentially tropical species that has spread into all corners of the globe, and cold has long been our greatest enemy."
Frankly, I think we should call it "global weirding," because the patterns of change will be unpredictable and quite strange. It just makes more sense: things are going to get weird.

See Seth Godin's post: The problem with "global warming"

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Cozy doesn't incite action, does it?

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