06 March 2006

Social Entrepreneurs: Uday Khemka Podcast on the Climate Crisis

Check out this Podcast-interview with Uday Khemka, managing director of the UK-based SUN Group, and one of the World Economic Forum's young global leaders, on the subject of the climate crisis.

Khemka cites his recent wake-up call and offers a call to action:

"All I urge all of our members [of the WEF] and friends to do, is examine the issues for themselves. Be objective...don't believe the Greens, don't believe the people who are working for the oil companies, just be objective...read the material for yourself and you will be shocked at what's happening..."

But all is not dire, in his opinion,
"The potential to act is in a many spheres, obviously the first step is in the private sphere...a lot of the solution is gonna lie in just switching off your lights when you leave the house, I mean literally saving and conserving energy....we're beginning to see a moment where climate change is not considered a green issue alone...it's beginning to move into the mainstream, help it move into the mainstream."

He also cites "Carbon Down, Profits Up" an initiative of London-based The Climate Group, which is designed to demonstrate that a growing number of organizations are taking action to reduce emissions and turning a profit from doing so.

Finally, Khemka pledges to "wak[e] up anyone who is reasonable, who with objectivity looks at these issues...for their own sake and the sake of their children..."

Listen to the podcast posted by Loïc Le Meur of Forumblog.org - The World Economic Forum Weblog: Uday Khemka on Environment

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Anonymous said...

Awesome podcast - thanks for directing us to it. Makes me wish for more visionary corporate leaders (there's a great one who is featured in the documentary The Corporation). We do need to get business to understand the long term risk, which is difficult in our short-term focused financial world.

Unknown said...

On google video there is also a great speech he did at the 1st India Cleantech Forum in Delhi. Aug 3rd 2007.

Hes a great speaker.


Anonymous said...

it's a shame that he's all talk and no action. His company couldn't care less about the environment, and despite his wealth, his foundation has run out of money as he won't put his money where his mouth is. He's recently just renegged on two commitments to climate change NGOs, all while the family owns a private jet. Hypocrisy at the highest levels!