30 July 2013

July Hiatus: Gregor MacDonald's TerraJoule

While I'm on my July blogging hiatus, I'd thought I'd share with you a few posts from friends whose thought leadership I admire. My pal Gregor MacDonald recently launched a new subscription publication called TerraJoule.us, a monthly newsletter covering macro trends in global energy. Gregor is one of the smartest thinkers and writers I know on macro trends in energy. Here's a description of his latest issue and how to purchase it:

Each issue of TerraJoule.us contains: a Main Essay, a Model Portfolio, a Data Brief, and a link to a Downloadable Podcast. Gregor Macdonald, Editor. For a more detailed description of each issue’s contents, please see the Subscribe section.
This month’s publication, King Grid, examines the emerging relationship between global growth and the power sector. As the global economy struggles through energy transition at lower levels of GDP, the powergrid is advancing.
Can the global powergrid grow at a faster rate than the global economy? Ecological economics generally suggests a steady correlation exists between growth in energy demand, and, growth in economic output. If so, we should expect the economy to be unable to grow faster than energy demand. However, during our present energy transition, when so many users have been kicked off liquid BTU, it may be possible that some of this stranded demand will step forward, and push growth of the powergrid to above trend levels. Surprisingly, this may be possible during a time of sustained, economic weakness in OECD economies.
The July issue also includes the next round of changes to the Model Portfolio:
The stock market correction and bond rout should provide a continuous window in the Summer months to accumulate other ETFs targeted. IXC is starting to look particularly attractive as major components like BP and Shell are off their highs. Meanwhile, given the devastation in utility ETFs, owing to the back up in rates, the global utility ETF, JXI, also looks attractive.
To purchase, please follow the link below: Gregor.us