05 November 2010

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 11/05/10

Here are links for this week.  I'm speaking at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit Mid-Atlantic today.
The impact of Election 2010 on cleantech was offered by Clint Wilder from Clean Edge, Shari Shapiro in Cleantechies, while the Republicans for Environmental Protection congratulated the victorious GOP candidates it endorsed and urged problem-solving in the new Congressional makeup.

One of our favorite American Enterprise Institute bloggers, Kenneth P. Green, finally found common ground with Amory Lovins on the subject of eliminating all energy subsidies and creating a level, competitive playing field.

Meanwhile, in China, carbon industry experts say China’s carbon market presents massive growth opportunities in Energy China Forum.

Finally, the New York Times reported on the market for demand response getting crowded and primed for deals.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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