24 September 2010

Green Skeptic Friday LinkFest - 09/24/10

I think it's Friday...been a crazy week: one day I'm at the Clinton Global Initiative and the next I'm sitting in a 2nd Grader's chair hearing about how they roll in elementary school these days. Whew!

Anyway, here are links to some stuff that caught my eye this week:

A new study says the rate of groundwater depletion has doubled since 1960, a rate that researchers from Utrecht University said is clearly unsustainable. You want to talk about a real crisis, we need to figure out how we're going to survive with less fresh water in our world: H2(n)O!

I don't know why, but I'm reminded of the Melvin Frank/Neil Simon comedy "The Prisoner of Second Avenue," especially the scene where Anne Bancroft wants her bath:

Actually, that's probably a good movie-tonic for our current recession!

I'm not going to be in Tianjin next week for the Eco-City Forum (bummed), Tom Friedman was there last week for the World Economic Forum. He is still stunned by China's progress as he notes in to reports from the front: "How can you compete with a country that is run like a company?" and "Aren't We Clever?"
Meanwhile, back home, there was some good news in cleantech investment this week as Greentech Media reported on Real Greentech IPOs, M&A and More than $100M in VC.
The Clinton Global Initiative sessions archive is up. You can catch much of the dialogue here: CGI Archive.

And finally, for those who missed it, here is the video of my spot on FOX Business with Stuart Varney and Governor Christine Todd Whitman: The Governor and The Green Skeptic.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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