29 February 2008

Microfinance: Plural India Focusing on Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise Development

I had lunch today at TERI with Shivendra Sharma, formerly of PlaNet Finance and now Founder of Plural India, which will include a consulting group, foundation, and educational services for small, medium, and microenterprises.

The purpose behind Plural is "to stimulate new markets by reducing information asymmetries and creating conditions conducive for open-market approaches to work in an inclusive manner."

At PlaNet Finance India, Shivendra was the brainchild behind Small Change, the magazine dedicated to connecting microbusiness stakeholders globally and highlighting the diversity of the microeconomy.

Now with Plural he's launched a monthly eMagazine called Pluralist. The first issue came out today and focuses on the emerging influence of commercial banking and finance institutions in the microfinance space. To obtain a copy, write Shivendra at: shiv@pluralindia.in

In December, Plural announced the first distance learning course in Microfinance, called "Microfinance Passport." Microfinance Passport is a four-month course for those interested in the emergent field of microfinance. You can learn more about the course by following the smart link above. The first series is now completely subscribed, but they'll be offering a second round in the summer.

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