22 April 2007

A Poem for Earth Day

What a glorious day, weather was absolutely gorgeous. I got to work in the garden with my kids and help a Temple University complete her project in broadcast journalism (more on that later). Then a wonderful walk in our neighborhood and more family time, before dinner with my wife in an intimate restaurant. (Not to mention the 4-in-a-row homers by my Red Sox against Yanks.) And tomorrow, I'm off to Boulder, Colorado.

Consequently, I won't have an opportunity to do my usual 10 thoughts for Earth Day. Instead, I'll leave you with a poem of mine, "Healing," which recently appeared in The Elegant Thorn Review:


"Healing, not saving." ~ Gary Snyder

"Healing, not saving," for healing
indicates corrective, reclaiming

restoring the earth to its bounty,
to right placement and meaning--

Forward thinking, making things new
or better or, at least, bringing back

from the edge. The way
bulbs are nestled in earth,

starting to heal again--
the way a wound heals.

Keep warm. Sun following
rain; rain following drought.

Perhaps we have come far enough
along in this world to start

healing, protecting from harm,
from our disjunctive lives.

The way the skin repairs with a scab,
injury mediated by mindfulness.

The bark of the "tree of blood"
heals wounds we cannot see.

Deliver us from the time of trial
and save us from ourselves.

--Scott Edward Anderson

Another of my poems was posted today on poet Deborah Fries' new Good at Last blog: "Dead Red Wing."


Anonymous said...

I am currently visiting TNC preserves in New Hampshire while also perusing poetry about conservation, so, after reading your poem "Healing", I was interested that you formerly held positions with TNC. Nice correspondence ther. Where can I read more of your poems? I'll check your blog. Thanks, Anne

greenskeptic said...

Thanks, Anne, for reading and for your comment.

Enjoy the preserves in New Hampshire. I lived in the Granite State briefly back in the mid-1980s.

You can read more of and about my poetry @ http://scottedwardanderson.com


Anonymous said...

Invisible, invincible,
to all that I know
you hate me you love me?
How does it go
listen to mother earth
she knows best
answer her needs
xoxo hayley