12 July 2006

New! Green Skeptic "Personal Best" Squidoo Lens Created

Searching for that article I wrote about Iqbal Quadir? (It's now required reading for an Internet & Society course at Harvard, by the way.)

Ever wonder what I consider my top 5 posts?

Looking for all the posts I've written on Climate Change or Social Entrepreneurs, but don't want to slog through Bloggers' Archives system? (Fix it guys and get categories already!)

Well, now you can find what you want, thanks to Squidoo. I've just launched The Green Skeptic's Personal Best lens on Squidoo. Check it out and don't forget to rank it -- all proceeds go to the Acumen Fund.

And while you're there, check out my Social Entrepreneurs' lens, called Changemakers. It crossed into the top 500 Squidoo lenses this week!

Oh and if you decide to create your own lens, tell 'em I sent you...

Thanks for reading...and my apologies for getting sidetracked with all this building of other sites. I'll be back to my regular stream of articles shortly.

Be well. Do Good Work.


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