28 July 2006

Globalization: Poor Losers...

Yale Global Online features an article by trade analyst Edward Gresser in which he argues that the poor are the real losers in the collapse of the DOha round of trade talks:

"Leaders of developing nations anticipated that negotiations of the Doha Round could lead to even-handed trade practices, particularly in agriculture. With the talks collapsed, the wealthiest nations will not suffer nearly as much as the developing nations, according to trade analyst Edward Gresser. The real losers, he says, will be cotton farmers in West Africa, textile workers in low-income Asian and Muslim states, and low-income shoppers in the poorest quarters of America and Europe. Previous international trade agreements on manufacturing and services provided substantial economic wealth for the developed nations. Policies on agricultural or textile trade are far more controversial, largely because they often reflect national identity and political clout of groups involved in those sectors. Yet crops and low-cost manufacturing are the best products that poorest countries can offer to the global market."

Read the complete article: All Fall Down

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