17 February 2006

Nature, Now Appearing on an iPod Near You...

Podcasting is a fairly new online media channel. Basically, as blogger and media consultant Amy Gahran describes it as, "simply online media content that's delivered via webfeed...Think of it as radio on demand." You download an Mp3 file and play it when you want to on your computer, iPod, or Mp3 player.

The medium is proving attractive and a range of conservation and nature-related content is becoming available, ranging from rebroadcast of NPR's Living on Earth to scientific essays from the journal Nature

Now, even organizations like The Nature Conservancy are getting into the act, with its new "Nature Stories Podcast," produced by Atlantic Public Media (the folks who brought back "This I Believe..."). Check out the first story, about commercial fishermen who turn to poetry "to help soothe the edges of an otherwise harsh career at sea": Nature Stories Podcast. (In the interest of full disclosure, I work for the Conservancy.)

For more nature and environmental podcasts, see the excellent lists compiled by The Directory of Nature Podcasts and The Society of Environmental Journalists.

Can The Green Skeptic™ Podcast be far behind?

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