22 February 2006

A Bright Idea: A Compact on Compact Fluorescents

Sarah Rich of WorldChanging.com reports on the efforts of Kenny Luna, an 8th grade science teacher in Long Island who wants to change the world one light bulb at a time. His idea?
"to give one compact fluorescent light bulb to every child in the U.S., grades PreK-12. To do this, he and his students are asking Oprah for help. On the class blog, Mr. Luna has invited people far and wide to join the effort, and posted instructions for sending a personal email to Oprah suggesting that she help make this happen. According to their calculations, if 50 million kids put a CFL in a lamp at home, we'd achieve $2.3 billion in energy savings. Seems like a wish worth granting."

See WorldChanging for the original post and comments. See Wikipedia entry and the Energy Star website for more information on compact fluorescents. For more on Mr. Luna's Bright Idea visit his web log, which includes updates on his project.

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