22 June 2011

Applied Materials' "Dr. Solar" Does "Ask Me Anything" Chat for Solstice

Dr. Charlie Gay, Applied Materials, on his computer.
To celebrate the Summer Solstice yesterday, Dr. Charlie Gay, a veteran of the solar energy space and currently Applied Materials' president of solar, participated in a "live" chat on Reddit.com.

"Dr. Solar," as he’s known in the industry, has been a proponent of solar energy since 1975 and fielded questions on a variety of topics, including China-US cooperation, solar and renewables as part of the energy mix, and even what you should do if you're considering a career in solar energy.

Gay has a 36-year career in the solar energy space, so his insights are worth searching for in the mix of questions and commentary by some of the participants:

Charlie Gay ‘Ask Me Anything’ LIVE on Reddit

 (Thanks for the head's up from Steve Place of StockTwits.  Disclosure: No position in AMAT. )

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