27 May 2009

Greentech Media's 150 Solar Startups: The Sequel

Back in January of this year Greentech Media published a long list of VC funded and early-stage solar firms. They called it "150 Solar Startups" because the total number of firms was in that ballpark and it had a bit of a ring to it.

But, writes Eric Wesoff on the Greentech blog, "as we kept looking and as our readers continued to bring more firms to our attention the numbers climbed – first past 200 and settling in at a grand total of 219. Subtracting newly departed SV Solar and Optisolar leaves us with 217 solar firms hatched in the last few years."

(Note that their list is for privately held firms with a focus of VC-funded or pre-VC startups. No public firms or OTCBB firms.)

Still, some names to keep an eye on: 150 Solar Startups: The Sequel

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