07 September 2007

Global Climate Change: APEC Rift Causes Deadlock

Reuters reported this morning that "Leaders at an Asia-Pacific summit appeared deadlocked on Thursday over what their 'Sydney Declaration' on climate change and cutting greenhouse gas emissions should say.

"China's President Hu Jintao gave only qualified support to Australia's initiative on climate change, while some developing nations criticised Australian and US moves to put climate change at the top of the agenda of the APEC gathering in Sydney.
US President George W. Bush raised climate change with Hu during a bilateral in Sydney and said he would support a strong climate statement by the 21 leaders and urged Hu to do the same.

"'They concluded the importance of addressing this pressing problem cooperatively and responsibly ... and in a manner that did not stall or stunt economic growth,' said Dan Price, Bush's deputy national security adviser for international economic development.

"Bush indicated the US would support a 'strong leaders' declaration on climate change' and encouraged the Chinese leader to do likewise, as well as consider eliminating tariffs on environmental and clean energy technologies, said Price."

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